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Pre-order eucalyptus fiber socks that help protect the Great Barrier Reef


Our Impact Model


High quality, more sustainable product

  • so that you love it

  • to reduce impact on the planet

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Pre-order to ensure:

  • each product is used and loved – forget fast fashion

  • we reach the impact goal funding the Coral Biobank

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Offset emissions we cannot avoid

  • to ensure we are not adding greenhouse gases

  • to help regenerate oceans with Climate Foundation


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Why the seahorse?

The seahorse represents our first impact goal - to add at least two species of coral to the Living Coral Biobank to ensure that these species do not disappear from our planet. We hope we can deliver more.

By wearing our seahorse impact products you tell everyone that you have contributed to ensuring these particular corals never disappear from our planet - we will know the list of corals when we complete the pre-order campaign.

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What is Coral Biobank?

Living Coral Biobank is a project that aims to ensure none of our corals goes extinct, by storing the genetic information of each coral species from the Great Barrier Reef.

See the Great Barrier Reef Legacy team explaining the idea of the Biobank.

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How are carbon emissions offset?


We offset unavoidable emissions by growing kelp forests with Climate Foundation. Kelp Grows and captures carbon faster than trees.

We buy Climate Foundation Kelp Coins™ . Each coin accounts for a tone of carbon captured in kelp.   

Read more about the Kelp Coin(TM).

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